We are often drawn to take action and give back through volunteering during different times of the year. The New Year is for making resolutions to become involved, spring is a time of renewal and beginnings, summer can be a time for getting out more or returning from a winter residence, fall can be a time of settling in for the winter months ahead and back to routine.

Whatever your “time” for beginning and reflection on “service to others”, Prairie North Health Region Volunteer and Spiritual Services has an opportunity for you to become involved. It’s important to set a “time goal” that suits your availability, as we want you to have a positive volunteer experience, so it needs to fit your time schedule of commitment.

But don’t put off the time or be held back by the “small stuff” on your schedule,,.”I can’t begin this next month because I have 2 family birthdays….I need to clean out the garage….I might have a visit from my cousin”….instead put the small stuff aside and decide that you can choose volunteer work around what you can predict and know that the Volunteer Management program at Prairie North Health Region has a plan to work around your unpredictable schedules. Life happens while you’re Volunteering! There are other volunteers on our team that can step in when you are unable to make your commitment.

The important thing is to get started. We have many volunteer placement programs; delivering Meals On Wheels, Volunteer Visiting, Hospital Greeter & Unit Volunteers, Peer Navigation, Palliative Care, Clinics, Training for Peer Leaders, helping with entertainment and recreation programs and Special Events.

If you are interested please call our Volunteer Services
• Darlene Kingwell, The Battlefords & Regional Office, 306-446-6892
• Karen Pernala, Battlefords Home Care, 306-446-7388
• Geraldine Werminsky, Meadow Lake, 306-236-1552
• Jennifer Gordon & Sarah Kettle, Lloydminster, 306-820-6204
• Denise Schmidt, Peer Navigation Program; 306-446-8651

Meadow Lake
209 3rd Street West
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1C7