Family Connections Planner

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If you have a passion for ensuring that a child’s best interests are met, we would like you to apply for the Family Connections Planner position in the North Region. This position will be headquartered at the Meadow Lake office. You will have the opportunity to develop and implement permanency plans for children in care and/or those children receiving child protection services. Your goal will be to promote and attain timely planning for the child either with the family of origin or an alternate family.

Working in this position, you can expect to work with various program units, such as Child Protection, and Adoption and Resource in advancing permanency planning for children. Utilizing your interpersonal skills, you can also expect to work with the child, family, extended family, First Nations authorities and prospective adoptive applicants in pursuing viable options in the development of a permanent plan for the child. You will also have the opportunity to assess the child’s needs, assess the family’s strengths, undertake a wide range of written reports in support of permanency planning, prepare and register children for adoption planning, and work with caregivers who are interested in providing a permanent family for a child. In addition, your creativity may be utilized to participate in recruitment initiatives that assist children who require permanent families.

This position requires travelling, working flexible hours, lifting and carrying small children.

To qualify for this position, you will possess a Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Indian Social Work, or an equivalent Social Work degree from an accredited university as approved by CASW.

Closing Date: September 8, 2019

Meadow Lake, SK